Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Summer Bucket List

Thanks to Leslie for setting this up. Check her list out at her lovely blog and see what everyone else is going to do by going to the bottom of this post to click on their links.

I have to admit I didn't finish my Spring Bucket List, but I did do more than half in some way!

Plan a Spring trip to N California to include a night or 2 in Napa to check it out as a possible new hometown 
- We are went on May 2nd for a long weekend and will checked out the Pleasant Hill area instead of Napa. Took it off our list of possibilities. Onward.

Have friends over for drinks and nibbles 
- This turned into going out with friends instead, but I've done that at at least six times.

Have family over for brunch 
This turned into going over to both of Hubby's aunt's homes for meals. Both are 91 and one cooked us dinner!  Today we are going to an Easter egg decorating party at our older son's which will be lots of fun. Tomorrow we are bring dinner to Hubby's 92 year old great-aunt so we will have hit the aunt trifecta this month LOL. We also had our son and DIL over for Father's Day lunch.

Go to the Farmer's Market several times and buy a different prepared food
- Bought some delicious rye bread

Make a picture frame with Hubby so we can hang his Dad's painting
- We researched directions and materials and decided to have it professionally framed instead. In process now.

Didn't happen: 

Visit Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks to enjoy Spring greenery and flowers

Go to the Farmer's Market several times and buy a new vegetable or fruit, flowers, a gift, something to wear

So let's try to be very realistic about Summer.

First is the biggie:

- Decide if the Sacramento or Davis areas are ones we want to pursue for relocation and (hopefully) set a timetable. 

The rest seem easy compared to that:


- Plan out my 70th birthday adventure list and do them

- Go to a movie 3 times and a play or concert 2 times 

Physical Health

- Walk the dog early every morning when it is coolest.  If it is cool enough after dinner, do it again.

- Lift weights or swim 2x a week

- Stretch/yoga 3x a week

Since it is summer I'm going to leave the rest up to spur of the moment inspiration!

What's on your Summer bucket list?

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  1. What a great list. Thanks for reminding me of the farmer's market. I haven't been yet this summer and that has to change.

    1. It is fun isn't it. I need to go more myself.

  2. We don't have a good farmer's market nearby but I did visit one on our road trip. I bought some tasty cherries. You've already accomplished quite a few goals and its only June.

    1. Those were my Spring goals! Yet to start on summer ones lol.

  3. Planning for relocation is a biggie, Juhli. Good luck to you.

    1. Thanks. We just did it 2 years ago and it is hard to get our energy up to do it again.

  4. Your first item on this new list is indeed a biggie! I don't envy you a move. But know that it will be wonderful to be closer to the kids. I am excited that Lauren is moving home to El Paso!

    Maybe you can carry the farmer's market activity from spring into summer. And I am thinking having the frame made is probably a good idea. Trying to do those mitred edges is so difficult.

    I want to get into swimming regularly again. PC accidentally left the pool heater on for about 36 hours so our water ought to be pleasant now!!

    Hope you will also share some of the other spur of the moment activities you enjoy this summer. Thinking of you as you make decisions about your move.

    1. Thanks Leslie and glad you are being able to enjoy you pool.

  5. Good luck on your goals! Just now joining in with my very first bucket list!

  6. OMG, I do not envy you planning a move, but I certainly wish you well in that endeavor. Wouldn't that be a great bucket list item to accomplish?

  7. I especially love the playtime listings! What movies are you thinking about?

    1. I didn't have specific ones in mind but am going to see The Biggest Little Farm this week with a friend. Her choice.


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