Saturday, June 29, 2019

Six on Saturday - June 29th

Almost July already!

1. Yeah - just one room to go in our screen and window washing project. It happens to have the most windows though.

2. We took our local son and DIL to a Sunday matinee performance of Peter and the Starcatcher at our local volunteer run live theater. Then out for Vietnamese food. Lovely to see them just a week after their last visit on Father's Day.

3. The dog got groomed on Tuesday and I found out the groomer is moving away. Yikes, now I have to find a new one who doesn't stress the dog too much.

4. I kept up with my stretching, upper body weights exercises and dog walking per my summer bucket list! Yeah me.

5. This week I didn't feel like going to my summer lecture but did watch both nights of the Democratic primary debates.

6. And finished first month of no clothes shopping. Not browsing online or going in stores has reduced my interest. Haven't felt any gaps in my wardrobe either.


  1. Finding a good dog groomer is just as hard as finding a good hair dresser for ourselves, isn't it.

    Good for you on the no clothes shopping. I have just the opposite problem. I wear my cloths to death.

    1. LOL to groomers and hairdressers. Add in a highly anxious dog and it gets worse. Got to get started on the search.

  2. Finding a dog groomer would be difficult. Fortunately, our dog is short-haired and M. bathes her. She often "makes strange" so she would have to like the groomer. I find that if I read those blogs with links to clothing stores, I become a bit dissatisfied and will browse. I have enough clothes but I realized that I have almost no "dress shoes" as I seldom dress up.

    1. Dogs are curious creatures aren't they. Ours takes time to get used to a groomer but she does love baths so that helps a lot. Being a poodle she has to get haircuts! I have an old pair of dress shoes that aren't very comfortable and new ones are on my list once my 3 month shopping ban is up.


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