Friday, March 15, 2019

My Spring Bucket List

Do you make a bucket list for the coming season? Why not give it a try if you don't do it already?

Here is mine and you can see lots of others by going to the links at the bottom of this post. Thanks to Leslie for setting this up. Check her list out at her lovely blog

I'm planning to get out and around, plan some social activities and try some new things!

Visit Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks to enjoy Spring greenery and flowers

Plan a Spring trip to N California to include a night or 2 in Napa to check it out as a possible new hometown

Have friends over for drinks and nibbles

Have family over for brunch

Make a picture frame with Hubby so we can hang his Dad's painting

Go to the Farmer's Market several times and buy different things
  • A new vegetable and/or fruit
  • A different prepared food
  • Flowers to make an arrangement
  • A gift
  • Something to wear

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!


  1. Napa...I can only imagine what a lovely place that would be to settle. Flew over your state yesterday and thought of you, Tamara, my friend Sarah and my husband's brother and fam. Actually landed in San Diego and San Jose for a few moments to pick up more passengers. Wanted to get off the plane and explore!

    Have you taken a framing class? I made one frame about 30 years ago, can't even remember what I was framing. Will be anxious to see your FIL's painting once you get the frame made.

    Yay for time outdoors at the farmers markets and visiting the gardens. Should be pleasant spring activities. I need to figure out my list and get my post written up. Thank you for leading the way.

    1. You were flying nearly over my house! No framing class but online instructions for a floating box frame. Looking forward to your list.

  2. It all sounds lovely Juhli. I love spring and am so happy to be getting outdoors again! Enjoy!

  3. I'd love to join you on many of these! You've inspired me to make my own Spring Bucket List... I'll have to get one out! Thank you!

  4. I really like your farmer's market list! Your whole list sounds like fun! (I also like how the thumbnails for the linkup show! I couldn't get that to happen on my blog!)


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