Saturday, March 2, 2019

2nd half of February: Granddaughter time, moving research, taxes, and more

I'm starting to think my months have these categories of activities - fun including family time, got to do it, and unusual events. So here is the last 2 week of my February. Nothing exciting I can assure you LOL.

- We drove to Berkeley in the rain and saw 4 rainbows! Three of the rainbows were very low so the top of the arch seemed to be sitting on the ground and the bands of color were very wide. Lovely. A long weekend with our family there including our much loved granddaughter. The drive home was in sunshine but there was snow visible on mountains where usually there isn't any.

- Lunch with our local DIL who was in our town for work. We went to Love Pho N' Mor with me having 4 seasons spring rolls and the others having soup. Nice visiting!

- Tax accountant appointment and review of our returns with my FIL's yet to do.
- Browsing neighborhoods and houses near Berkeley to see if there was a place that we would consider moving to.
- Finally getting 3 crowns installed after much effort to get them the right color and shape.

- Another ER visit for Hubby that turned out to be a chest muscle pull causing pain breathing instead of something much more serious.


  1. Thankful your husband's trip to the ER was for something less scary that what you might have originally feared.
    Rainbows are just amazing, aren't they? I don't ever tire of seeing them...possibly because we rarely have rain enough to have a rainbow! Seems you might have been able reach the pot of gold had you driven a little farther!

    1. They were amazing rainbows in the Salinas Valley of California which is a wide open space with mountains on the sides.

  2. Rainbows are so pretty and such a promise. I was at the dentist yesterday getting a temporary crown. I see you got three, that was probably expensive.

    1. I hope your dental work goes well. Yes it was expensive and a total surprise - cracks in teeth with very old fillings.

  3. I hope you find your place near Berkley. And your dental work goes well. I need an implant and I'm avoiding. All those old teeth and old dental work.


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