Saturday, March 16, 2019

A "get it done" week!

This has been a "get it done" week and the results are good!

Sunday We both worked on clearing up things that had stacked up around the house. The biggest change was Hubby throwing out lots of my FIL's paperwork and finding a place to store the rest out of the way. He emailed a late arriving tax document to the accountant and gave the signal to file our taxes. We are still waiting on my FIL's final return for signing. He even dusted his desk!

I went through club paperwork that was dropped off by the former President member and now have one box ready to go to the current President for decisions. I also bought groceries and gassed up the car.

Monday I returned an online order to JJill and found 2 items instead that will work well at much less cost. Also went in the Clark's store to see if there were any shoes and sandals that might work for me and then came home and ordered 3 pairs. Dropped off an Amazon return of Hubby's and got cash from the ATM. Loaded up items for club evening meeting and will find a better place to store them tomorrow.

Tuesday I'm sorry to say that there were piles on lots of flat surfaces when I started.

At the end of the day only the piles on the counter next to my purse and smaller piles on my desk remained! The desk will get finished tomorrow and the stuff next to my purse will be taken to a club meeting on Thursday. So what did I do?
  • Updated my reading list for my next book club meeting
  • Printed estimated tax forms and sent 1st payment
  • Found documents required to get Real ID driver's licenses
  • Unsubscribed my FIL and myself from 7 catalogues
  • Did all emailing, material updating and banking for Pet Club, ordered more membership cards and put away materials from Monday night's  meeting and a box of materials headed to another person's house
  • Reviewed minutes from Somis Thursday Club board meeting
  • Sprayed weeds in the driveway
  • Took the dog for a nice long walk and to CVS to pick up a prescription
Wednesday I continued to address my desk and online to dos. I also did some housework. My desk now only has the one project that is ongoing in a stack to the side plus the items I use everyday. Exciting huh?

Thursday Mostly a day off from this fun week's focus although I did stop at the medical offices to ask them to send a new link to the online patient portal since there were problems with the last one. Tech support asked them to do it last week but didn't happen. I found out they had reentered my email incorrectly. I finally got it to work!

What I did do today that was fun was attend my women's club monthly lunch meeting. Got to get a little bit more dressed up.

Friday If it doesn't get done today when will it get done! What was left was  updating our first responder medical info cards for the frig and putting my new Dr's info into my MedicAlert record. Then there was the PR materials for Pet Club - the volunteer effort that I am starting to resent & I've already given notice for the end of the year. Ordered some new tea towels for the kitchen. Bonus points for doing laundry and trying a new dinner recipe - quinoa, broccoli and beef bowls.
Saturday The week isn't over yet! Groceries, a trip to the DMV armed with lots of documents to get our Real ID drivers licenses and out to dinner as a reward!

Next week is SELF CARE week for me. Join me!

I already had some medical appointments so I added some fun and rejuvenating activities too.


  1. Holy Moly you have been busy. My office/sewing room probably deserves more than a week of its own. I'll be blogging again and self care are on my short list.

    1. I highly recommend a focused week! I finally powered through a bunch of stuff that was sitting around needing to be done.

  2. I think that a focussed week would be a great way to get things done! I've still got a lot of work ahead! But I'm in my other life right now. My chores are changing the location of the Young Adult fiction and weeding the audiobooks.

    1. Your adventures in Mexico are so interesting!

  3. My stars, what a productive week...I write as I sit on my bed after noon. Ugh. I have no motivation today.

    You wear red so well. I am happy that it is time to break out the spring scarves. They can add so much to a simple tee.

    Yay for reducing and eliminating piles. Purging my loft is on my list for March but I have to get moving. It is one big pile that might not get diminished if I don't hurry.

    1. Almost everything I got done had been on my list for some time. I was tired of thinking about them! Good luck with your loft purge.

  4. Doesn’t it feel good to take care of lingering chores. And I can relate to the volunteer job which you’ve discovered was a bad choice. I’m stuck in one now which has me in count down made, only 5 more months. Well, really four because I’ll miss one meeting due to vacation plans, yay! It was a job I had doubts about and should’ve said no right at the start.

    I thought I’d be able to make some new friends by taking on an officer position, but the responsibility of setting up for and helping run meetings, making event arrangements, and sending out organizational emails hasn’t really allowed me to be in personal conversations with other members as much as I’d hoped. I wish I could give notice, but I think I need to stick out my term until the end of August.

    1. Wow, you summed up my situation and feelings exactly! I can't wait for the year to be over for this volunteer role.


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