Saturday, March 23, 2019

It was self-care week

It just worked out this way as I already lots of self-care appointments booked so I ramped up the theme of the week with some additional things. Other things still got done - finished deep cleaning the bathrooms for example.

I’ve mentioned I’m involved in a Beta test of a new online program and recently we had a module that had a section on self-care that included two sections with lots of specific suggestions.

1.      Sensing and connecting.
If your life is feeling empty, flat and lacking in texture, if you find yourself stuck in a rut and bored with the humdrum of must-do activities, daily self-care activities that bring you greater connection to others, your senses and the natural world are what you need. Sensing and connecting is about tuning into your five senses and to what connects you to others.
·        Sight
·        Sound
·        Taste and Smell
·        Touch
·        Connecting

After reading this I moved a scented candle near the computer where I spend time each morning drinking my coffee and getting my online fix. I also turned on some music and booked a massage. This section is one of focus for me going forward.

2.      Resting and rejuvenating.
If your life so full now you are overwhelmed or simply can’t fit another high energy activity into it, if you are so busy with life, with work, with family, busy with busyness that you’ve exhausted yourself, activities that bring, rest, reflection and rejuvenation are what you need. Sometimes self-care means taking it down a notch and slowing down. 
·        Sleep
·        Meditate and Journal
·        Mindfulness
·        Read
·        Unplug
·        Just Be

I have no problem with the reading section but rather with the cookies and donuts I have when I stop by our wonderful library with a café! Sleep is good too.

So what did I do during my Self-Care Week?

Sunday I walked 2.5 miles and my bunion hurt so new walking shoes may have to be on the shopping list. I'm looking at Orthofeet shoes for walking. Does anyone have experience with them?

I went to the "La Vie En Rose" cabaret show at held at my women's club and had a table with friends. Spending time with friends doing enjoyable things is important to self care IMO.

St. Patrick's Day so I wore one of "my greens" and enjoyed the Irish coffee, soda bread and cupcake snacks. The music was amazing - just the piano and one vocalist doing part of her cabaret act in our 1930's space set up with bistro tables for 4 each.

Our club building was an elementary school at one point.
The stage was added by the club decades ago.
Monday  I finished my physical by getting a mammogram and bone density test. A session with my stretching DVD to focus on flexibility and a couple of dog walks and a trip to the Friends of the Library book store wrapped up that element of my day.

Tuesday More healthcare (I said there were appointments this week!) with an annual skin check at the dermatologist and a dentist visit for a replacement retainer. I was out early dropping Hubby off at the train station and saw a gorgeous sunrise. Came home and listened to some music before heading to first appointment.

Also realized I had missed the dog's appointment for her monthly shot for Addison's disease - first time in 5 years that I have goofed and she has been perky so it took a while to catch. Fixed that with a trip to the vet after the dentist. Owner care for pet week too.

Sadly my son and DIL's lovely dog died today at 15 years of age and they are really grieving. I will talk to them tomorrow.

Wednesday Glorious sky all day with a mix of cloud types and shades plus blue sky. Made banana nut muffins for my breakfasts with peanut butter. A much needed haircut. And I finally finished deep cleaning one bathroom which is not self-care but is progress!
This was late afternoon from my driveway
Thursday Did chair stretches, gave myself a manicure and pedicure, and had a massage. Once again I learned that if I don't do my stretching/yoga daily I will have aches and foot cramps. Maybe I'll start doing it?

Then picked Hubby up at the train station later than planned as his plane was delayed for repairs and then crew. He had a great time on his trip.

Friday Drove to Santa Barbara to meet two friends for a day of shopping and laughs which was really fun. I met these women online in our style course Facebook group and have seen them each separately once before. So fitting room diary photo -

Saturday I decided I needed to consolidate the week. I'm tired and need to catch up on some things like paying our taxes, washing the car, deciding if I need to try a different size in the pants I bought yesterday, etc. I think this is self care too as I'm going to make sure I'm caught up in various ways so I can start the new week fresh.

How was your week.

NEXT WEEK? It's on to a couple of projects that will require sustained attention plus getting back to yoga class.

- Research, document and write up info for selling vintage player piano rolls owned by women's club

- Continue my deep cleaning around the house in 12 months by tackling the big closet in the hall to our bedroom and the hall cupboard.

- Go to yoga class twice and walk as much as I can.


  1. I'll count cleaning the bathroom as self care! I like a clean bathroom and tub, and can then relax in there for a pamper. It's self care prep...

    1. LOL but it certainly is if only we had a bathtub! I do like sanitary bathrooms though.


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