Saturday, February 23, 2019

If we move again, where will we land?

We achieved our goal of checking out neighborhoods near our son's home in N. Berkeley and found some areas we really liked although not the prices. Then Hubby looked up where the Hayward fault line runs and it runs right under our son's house and through the areas we were seriously considering. Since it is considered one of the most dangerous fault lines in N. Cal he says no to purchasing a home in that area.

So we are considering further away and then wondering if that defeats the purpose of moving close LOL.

Anyone have any insight into living in the Pleasant Hill area east of Berkeley or in Napa?

So much to consider but we have to keep moving forward.


  1. I live in an area not far from Berkeley and yup, earthquakes are frightening. Newer homes are built to withstand some quakes, but not entirely safe of course. I moved from the midwest which can have tornadoes, floods and blizzards and I think every area has some thing of that nature to face.

    1. I grew up in the Midwest, lived all up and down the West coast, 20 years in Atlanta and now back in S. Cal. I agree with you. Hubby just thinks the Hayward fault if overdue for a large quake and doesn't think it makes sense to invest so much of our assets in an older home on or near it at this point in our lives. I like the location but have to respect his POV.

  2. Oh, girl, I don't envy you looking for a home and potentially moving again. But we face the same fault line...but would like to be closer to one daughter or the other but they are in opposite directions. And then we have this 'lovely' pool we put in two years ago that has been such a nightmare. We might not ever be able to sell our current home. Good luck finding the perfect fit.


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