Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Mid Februrary - opera, dentist, travel and rain, lots of rain

We are heading out in the morning to visit our Berkeley family once again and so looking forward to time with our granddaughter. She is at the point now that she asks to Facetime us so we are delighted with that. The poodle princess gets to stay home with her sitter and I think in her heart that makes her happier; certainly less stressed except for wondering where we have gone.

So what have we been up to so far this month?

Hubby started an OLLI class on epigenetics. Hopefully we will both understand what that is after a few more sessions!

I've been in and out of the dentist's chair too many times. This too will pass.

We went to see the movie Stan and Ollie and really enjoyed it. Highly recommend.

We also went to a staging of an opera, The Tales of Hoffman, at my club's building. It was a lovely afternoon with bistro seating, wine and snacks. The opera was staged using the whole space so they moved among the audience and it was amazing. Then out to dinner with the two friends who shared our table at the opera.

Don't want to forget to mention the rain. We have had days where it came in monsoon like levels of downpour, a rare S. Cal thunderstorm and lots of showers. Starts in again tomorrow. No complaints as we just cross our fingers that the reservoir serving this area is filling up after a many year drought. The roads near burn areas have had some mudslides and mandatory evacuations though so not all positive.

Hope your month is going well. Let me know what is happening in your life.


  1. Wish we had an OLLI near us. We make due with a local version called Center for Learning in Retirement. We were going back and forth on Stan and Ollie ... now we'll go see it.

    1. We enjoyed the movie - good laughs yet serious too.

  2. We've had quite a bit of rain too. Yesterday was sunny, and wherever I went the welcome sunshine was everyone's topic of conversation.

    Have a safe trip and wonderful visit with your sweet granddaughter...and her parents too, of course! :)

  3. The opera event you attended sounds really fun. I am very shy and would be uncomfortable if the actors/singers/performers? interacted with the audience. But having them move about the venue would be very fun! Hope you are out of the dentist chair for some time too come. I go next week. Ugh. My PC really enjoyed Stan and Ollie, too. He saw it while I was in Kentucky. Aren't we, as grandparents, living at such a terrific time where we can maintain relationships with our grandbabies even over the miles? I take baths with my grands, read books, watch them eat, all kinds of things...despite the miles between us. Enjoy every precious moment.

  4. That opera event sounds fun and thanks for the movie recommendation. We have had a lot of rain here in northern Cal too, the drought is over. I had a root canal with 2 visits this month so I can empathize over your dentist visits.

    1. I shared some of that N Cal rain as we drove to Berkeley on the 19th for a long weekend visit!

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