Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Out of the gate - Busy start to 2019 in first half of January

A busy first half of January in terms of meetings, prep time and socializing. I'm realizing that the 2 groups I am involved with have all their activities in the first half of each month and then nothing. Looks like I need to make plans with friends and family for the second half of each month so I have something to look forward to!

I've spent a lot of time on our finances. Balancing everything for the end of 2018, making the 2019 budget, thinking about what to do with our inheritance and if we move again what that will cost. We had quite a few occasional payments due and other action items, so I made a chart by month for those periodic bills and things like appointments to make, birthdays, etc. and it is helping.

I've also decided to focus on being even more conscious of my/our optional spending more from a minimal impact and not adding more stuff to our lives perspective (rather than financial) - see the new tab at the top of the blog.

So I am summarizing how I've done on my 2019 Intentions twice a month for now as a reminder to focus on them. I did pretty good!

2019 Dreams, Aspirations and Hopes (No goals here) - January 1 to 14

SORTA 1. Make exercise a do-able habit - Focused on stretching and walking. Did my stretch DVD 3 times so far this month and walked 8 times. Need to work on stretching more!

YES 2. Lots of family time - Lovely time with all immediate family on New Year's Day at the Rose Parade and then half of them at our house that night and the next day. Out to lunch with Hubby. Called great-aunt to invite her to lunch but she was ill so will make that happen later.

YES 3. Be active socially - The first half of the month was busy. Women's club board, book discussion group and monthly meeting. Pet Club meeting. Scheduled lunches with two friends for later in the month and a group outing in February.

YES 4. Dream and evaluate location and lifestyle options - Had an initial discussion re options and timing of potential move to the Berkeley area. Looked at our investments to see how and when we could have the cash to buy a new place before selling this one.

SORTA 5. Read with a purpose - Went to book discussion group. Have requested several memoirs from the library.

6. Refresh my wardrobe in my style and colors - This has taken an interesting turn as I have decided to do a Not Buying New Challenge for a while. If something wears out or if I have a specific need for which there is nothing in my closet I can buy it but otherwise it is thrifted or nothing.

7. Healthier food all the time - Well, no.

YES 8. House ready to sell or enjoy even more - Deep cleaned the front bedroom. I wanted to buy something to store racquets and balls that were on the closet floor, but found a sturdy box to use instead. Enlisted Hubby to dust the ceiling fan blades and high closet shelf. Made a list of bedding replacements desired, but am not shopping for a while as I decide which are the top priorities for replacement/upgrading household items.

9. Push my creativity - Hmmm.

YES 10. Learn - I'm participating in a beta test of a new online program and learning a lot. I read an interesting book by Stephen Talty, "Empire of Blue Water: Captain Morgan's Pirate Army" and another by Shaun Bythel, "The Diary of a Bookseller".

11. Do more enjoyable things - Attended a performance of an opera medley. It was very interesting and enjoyable. A group of us then bought tickets for a table at the February performance of Tales of Hoffman by the same local opera company.


  1. ha ha ... a great list and refreshingly honest answers, but you're obviously doing well, here's to a great 2019 for all of us!

  2. Interesting on the buy nothing new challenge. I follow the Non-Consumer advocate who does not buy new (she has her exceptions). She seems to find really good stuff! I hear ya on the healthy eating. I so need to work on that!

    1. We'll see how long I can take the tension between buy nothing new and my participation in a beta test related to personal style. Realistically I probably can hope for very conscious shopping as I will need warmer weather clothing soon and our thrift/consignment shops aren't great. Perhaps it is a pause?

  3. I like your plans and ideas, maybe I will get a bit more organized in writing down ideas for this new year.

    1. My challenge is sticking with it! If you get where you want to go without writing it down then all is good.

  4. Oh, my, the thought of moving makes me shudder. I know someday we will have to downsize but we have only been in this house 11 years this coming July. Can't bare to think about moving yet. Have moved my parents twice since I moved myself.
    You can add color and jazz things up/change things up in your wardrobe with just a few inexpensive accessories. A cardigan, a kimono, scarves, statement necklaces. For a minimal expense you can spruce things up.
    What creative types of things would you like to do? Maybe find a project on Pinterest that catches your eye? There is a Pinterest blog hop challenge each month, if you are interested! You pick a project from Pinterest, complete it and share. Next one will be 02.19, I think. Holler if you want more details.
    Good job this month!

  5. You had me laughing out loud at "7. Healthier food all the time.--Well, no." I struggle to get back into the healthy groove after the holidays... Unfortunately ours last for a few more weeks, as we have a January/February birthday bonanza in our family. And another in March and April.

    1. Wow, 4 months of birthday celebrations right after Thanksgiving & Christmas! Sounds fun but challenging for healthy eating.


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