Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Bored with Summer Wardrobe? Hit up the Consignment or Thrift Store

Summer is long in S. California and I'm not complaining but I am bored with wearing the same things over and over again. My summer wardrobe is small too; actually a capsule wardrobe. There is plenty to wear but I am really bored with it.

I thought about what exactly was causing me to be bored and it was that some of my outfits were too plain. Wearing scarves to spice them up is out of the question in the heat and my lightweight necklaces lack punch.

So today I zipped over to the back to school sale at my local consignment store with an open mind as to what might help. A top in a different color with built in details or a print? Colored shorts? Lightweight necklaces?

Yes to necklaces! I bought two for a grand total of $26.19. I've got one on right now and it isn't too heavy or hot. Not a big statement or color splash but it is making me happy.

Easy capsule wardrobe boost for little outgo or time investment. And it matches my cell phone case lol.


  1. Great statement necklace - I love that style. Fun top too! You look energetically and comfortably styled.

  2. So cute! Outfit is adorable, and the necklace makes it look polished.

  3. Your necklace is an ideal addition to your outfit and you are reminding me to go put on a necklace before going to church this morning.

  4. Thanks. A little bit of accessorizing makes a big difference.


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