Sunday, December 17, 2017

Help me "shop smart" please

I'm making a curated shopping list and want feedback re: what you have like and found wanting in each category.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Step tracker: I want to seriously up my walking level and think this might be the tool to keep me on track. I'm not particularly interested in sleep tracking, calorie counting or all the other bells and whistles but want a step tracker that works for a smallish person. BTW, I'm a Windows & android user not Apple if that matters.

Dog friendly California vacation spots: As much as I like our new home I'm also feeling that it is time to get away a bit and have some new adventures. We do head up the coast from Ventura to Berkeley routinely but haven't stopped with the dog. Also could use a winter get away - no snow please. For bonus points, help me figure out how to take a trip to Santa Fe with the dog.

Computer desk chairs: Right now we are both using dining room chairs and I'd like to find something that isn't huge, is on wheels, ergonomically helpful, no arms needed. Bonus points for not being black for mine at least.


  1. I can be of no help whatsoever on the first two, but I have a desk chair that I love, love, love to recommend.

    It's called a bungee chair. They have them at The Container Store in quite a few colors.

    It looks unusual, but they sit like a dream, are so light, so roll easily, and adjust to each person's physique. I am (ahem) not a small person, and I had one at work for years and never had it lose any elasticity at all. If you have a Container Store nearby, I would definitely suggest going in and sitting in one. Cannot recommend highly enough!

    1. Wow, what an interesting looking chair. I'm going to go try one out.

  2. I'm no help with Caifornia travel altough I wil be following for the future. I have been very happy with the fitbit alta. It's the slimmest of all the options. Even if you dont use the calories or sleep tracking you may also find it helful for reminders to move every half hour or so.

    As for the chair, I spent the big bucks on a high back office chair from office max, and I love it. However, I have days when I spend hours quilting and sewing, I really realy need it. I actually have an hold small suitcase filled with donatable clothes under neath my desk as well so that I can get my feet up just a bit.

    1. Thanks for the fitbit alta recommendation. I had a chair like that too for a long time but it seems like it would be too big for my space now. I'll go check it out though.

  3. I use an app on my phone for counting steps.
    Mazatlan is my choice for sunshine in February.
    We did the Monterey area in the spring and think it was very dog friendly. We stayed in the Wine Valley Inn in Solvang and guests had dogs.

  4. Hi Juhli! Just stumbled over from another blog that had you listed and read this post. I live in La Quinta, CA and this time of year is a great time to visit...with or without dogs. Most restaurants with patios allow you to bring a dog and there are quite a few places to hike that you can take them too... As far as a husband bought his office chair at Costco and really likes it...but I do think it was black. Hope that helps! And Happy New Year! ~Kathy

  5. I have an Android phone, Samsung and wear a Samsung Gear Fit2 and really like it. Tracks my steps, pulse. I can add other forms of exercise, water consumed, calories eaten, etc. if I like. Check it out on Amazon: