Friday, November 10, 2017

5 for Friday

Let's see if this topic can keep going!

1. Hubby used to play tennis and actually had a college tennis scholarship before he decided to focus on academics. He was walking by the pickle ball court near our rec center and became intrigued. He stopped to rally with a player, was warmly welcomed by others and may have found his go to activity. We drove over to Oxnard this morning and he bought a pickle ball racquet while I checked out the TJMaxx in the same mall. I'd go back to that one.

2. I am liking my new yoga studio and the attentive and corrective instruction in the group sessions but really feeling the workout 2 days later. Is this normal? I asked the teacher and she said absolutely normal. Hope it gets easier with time.

3. I have been spending time trying to make sure we have the appropriate beneficiaries on all our accounts and/or that they are all joint accounts so then they wouldn't have to go into probate. Can't figure out how to do it for one online account so called customer service and they can't figure it out either! Waiting for a call back from the tech dept. Hoping we are right to not set up a revocable trust while both of us are living. It is very costly, but really streamlines the inheritance process so we are thinking we will wait until there is only one of us left.

4. Living close to extended family = lots of love with a small dash of aggravation (by just a very few people only thank goodness).

5. Lovely chat with my Berkeley based DIL today as we figure out how to add in a celebration of the other son's engagement to our upcoming weekend of birthday celebrations.


  1. The only comment I will make is regarding the trust. In case something happens to both of you, at the same time, you leave your family with lots to deal with. My DIL lost both of her parents on the same day, without a trust, and besides the issue of who died first, the legal ramifications went on forever. Just my 2 cents. I hope you both live long and happy lives.

    1. That is true but we will have wills and powers of attorney that include both sons. A lot of assets have beneficiaries so just some things would have to go into probate.

  2. Juhli, our revocable trust process wasn't that expensive if I'm recalling correctly - less than $2,000 in total? That including re-titling our home in the name of the trust, which the lawyer handled for us. The rest was pretty simple.

    And yes, yoga is far harder than it appears on the surface, if you are doing the poses correctly, so the fact that you are sore afterward means you are doing it right!

    Hopefully you are enjoying gorgeous fall weather, the best there is along our coastline.

    1. We are going to schedule a meeting with an attorney so will see what she recommends and the costs. If we can keep our Georgia wills and POAs for now that is easiest of course.

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