Sunday, November 5, 2017

Entering the holiday and birthday season

I am actually looking forward to the upcoming holidays and all the birthdays we will celebrate as we go through the season.

We will kick it all off with birthday parties the weekend before Thanksgiving for our soon to be 1 year old granddaughter and soon to be 65 Hubby. Heading north to also help celebrate will be our older son and DIL. We will take our dogs too and are all 4 staying in an Air B&B together as we are too many for the younger family's house.

Then home to a small family Thanksgiving at our house - currently the count is 7 for dinner.

Onward to our younger DIL's early December birthday which will be celebrated long distance.

Then Christmas at the local son's home, a potential visit after Christmas by the Berkeley son and family and then all attending the Rose Bowl Parade down the street from the local son's house followed by the his birthday.

Sounds doable and good to me!

Do you have plans yet?


  1. Christmas tends to be low key for me. My divorced son has his children on alternate years for Christmas. His work schedule is unpredictable. My ageing mother is less tolerant of celebrations. I enjoy the pre-Christmas celebrations of parties and concerts. Weather in NE Alberta can be unpredictable and put a damper on travel. I continue to get a tree from the "wild" celebrating everlasting life. I enjoy special holiday treats. I can celebrate the coming of the light and my son's Christmas day birthday. I can celebrate with a good book, some good movies and a fire in the wood stove. Company is an added bonus.

    1. It sounds like you really celebrate in the spirit of the season and very similar to what we did when living far away from family. I am looking for concerts, etc. to add to our holiday list.

    2. Juhli, consider checking out Cal State Channel Islands for holiday concerts and plays if you've not yet done so. Often they offer wonderful performances at bargain prices.

    3. Unfortunately they don't have those type of events/performances at that campus. Other things are available around the area though.

  2. May your birthdays and holidays bring you peace and joy. We're having T'giving with B's son and his wife. Haven't planned for Christmas yet ... too soon.

  3. We are having everyone here for Thanksgiving, including my granddaughter, yeah! Should be a wonderful, chaotic time.

    We won't see our granddaughter at Christmas this year, but we will be spending a lot of time with my oldest daughter and her BF. We have plans to kayak through the canals of Naples (along the shoreline of Long Beach) on Christmas Eve, then they will join us here for Christmas Day. Otherwise, December is already almost fully booked with concerts, plays and parties. Should be a zinger of a holiday season!

    1. Sounds like you have a full schedule as usual! Enjoy.


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