Saturday, October 21, 2017

Has it really been a month already? Fall bucket list update

Glorious tree in my former home back yard
I limited my list to 10 this time in hopes of actually getting things done and I have checked some things off.

Now check out the other updates in the links below! Thanks, Leslie, for organizing the link-up.

- Have at least 3 dates that aren't just going out for food LOL. Visited an aviation museum and walked at the beach.
- Spend our granddaughter's 1st birthday and Hubby's 65th with family in N. Cal (and yes, we are all bringing the dogs)
- Have coffee or lunch with 3 potential new friends
- Give myself a budget and go shopping for some new Fall clothes but everything I buy has to be at least an 8. 
- Plan a vacation that will add some variety to our experiences and where we can take the dog along since we know she travels so well.

- Figure out a weekly schedule of interesting activities, health promoting exercise and homemaking and stick to it (unless something more fun beckons). After an intro yoga class at a studio nearby I am going to try to take yoga 2x a week. DH and I are also going to divide up homemaking chores now that he is retired.
- Finish the repairs and upgrades to our new to us home. Only the fiddly ones are left.
- Make plans for the big 3 holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's
- Make the rounds of elderly relatives and cousins in person, by phone or writing. 3 meals with elderly relatives.
- Get our home and car earthquake/emergency kits fully stocked. Mostly done.


  1. Good job on your Fundamentals, now time to relax and get a few of those Fun ones checked off, although you might want to wait a bit before going shopping for fall clothes - it's supposed to be back in the 90's in S. California starting tomorrow!

    1. This weather is indeed crazy & it will be almost 100 here on Tuesday! No shopping for Fall yet is right.


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