Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Summer Bucket List

I'm joining in with the summer bucket list challenge! Please share your summer plans - I love getting ideas from others.

Family & Friends
1. See and play with my baby granddaughter for the weekend at least twice - once at her house in Berkeley and once at our house.
2. See my local son, DIL & FIL at least 3 times each plus make the aunt, uncle, cousin rounds
3. Plan and hold a "next generation cousins" get together for my sons' generation of family.
4. Invite new neighbors/acquaintances out or over.
* Schedule visits with 2 long term local friends/couples
* Become a pen pal for a cousin as requested.

5. Use the pool in my community each week! Swim, do water aerobics or just float around.
6. Go to the community based yoga class at twice a week when I am in town. 
7. Take the dog for a long walk each day we are in town to help her relax in her new surroundings. Her constant vigilance is not a good state for her or us.
8. Take a hike on a trail nearby.

9. Try three new to us restaurants in our new hometown.
10. Try 3 recipes in my new cookbook, "America's Test Kitchen: The Best Mexican Recipes".
11. Eat at the beach!
12. Go to the local Farmer's Market each Saturday we are in town.
13. Test and decide on 3 large group dishes/menus for future entertaining. 
* Try a new cocktail to make at home.
* Try 3 new summer main dish salads.
* Eat on our patio. 

Fun & Exploration
14. Celebrate my 68th birthday! Been a few trips around the sun since this one.
15. Go to the nearest art museum and one or more galleries. 
16. Go to a local event, fun store or attraction each month.
* See a summer blockbuster movie.
* Have a pedicure with a fun color polish.
* Read at least 5 books from The Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Summer Reading Guide

Settling In
17. Volunteer for a role in at least one group. I'm considering Emergency Coordinator for my street.
18. Regularly attend one social and/or service group.
19. Finish furnishing and decorating our new home. We need den furniture and shelves for displaying decorative items and/or photos. 
20. Finish repairs on home inspection punch list.
21. Finish creating earthquake/emergency supply stockpile. 
* Create a planter succulent garden for the patio.
* Figure out how to have music playing in our home (TV, computer, buy a new CD player?)


  1. Great list, Juhli. You'll have such a fun and active summer. I'll be traveling a bit but in between trips, I'll definitely attend the local events like farmers' markets, music festivals, etc. It's Canada's 150th birthday this July so Toronto is flush with special events year round.

    1. The 150th Birthday events sound like they will be fun as will your travels.

  2. Good summer goals! You worked so hard to wrap everything up and get your house sold and household moved. Enjoy all the fun things you were anticipating the move to make possible!

  3. Some items on my summer to-do list: morning coffee & afternoon tea on the verandah; read the Century Trilogy by Ken Follet (Fall of Giants, Winter of the World, Edge of Eternity); keep my legs shaved & toenails painted; find a new hairdresser (my hairdresser of 35+yrs has retired); update the summer wardrobe with at least 1 pr of denim capris, 2 t-shirt dresses, 1 pr of cross-trainers; pick summer fruit (rhubarb, raspberries, saskatoons, blueberries); attend a music festival (completed with the Centerfield Music Festival in St. Paul); clean the shop; hire a handyman to reclad the garden shed, build an outdoor fire pit, install the umbrella clothes line (hired); attend the world professional chuckwagon races in Rocky Mountain House to see Kelly Sutherland's last race; paint the items to decorate the north side of the shop; attend the local Canada Day celebration; say "yes" to invitations; commit to working at the concession at the community association; R&R x 1 wk at Cluculz Lake in BC; attend the outdoor movie at Stoney Lake; participate in the cemetery association cleanup.
    Oh!Oh! I think I just committed to these things by publishing this list.

    1. Wow, you are going to be one busy and involved lady!

    2. I think your food items look particularly fun! I Love ATK cookbooks, and I added their Mexican version to my shopping cart - hope you'll let us know how some of them turn out. :-)

      Looking forward to reading what new restaurants you try, and how you like them. We get up by you quotes a bit, and are always on the lookout for somewhere good to eat!

    3. Next time you are headed up this way lets get together!

  4. Great list! You will be busy and at the end of the summer you'll have a bunch to show for it.

  5. Amazing! So full of life :D.

    1. Well, I don't have a job/career anymore so that leaves lots of time LOL.

  6. Ambitious list. Love how it begins with plans to see that grandbaby. This is the summer of the grandbabies for me, too.

    I really want to swim a lot this summer and get back to working out regularly. Have been very lazy over the last month.

    Good for you to do some volunteering. How concerned are California residents about the potential for earthquakes? Does everyone have emergency kits put together? I was one of those who had water and groceries for 2K.

    Thank you for joining up for the bucket list series. Looking forward to reading your updates and following along on your progress as you finish work on your house.

    1. We just got back from visiting that grandbaby and it was fun! We are always aware that earthquakes will happen and are a fact of life here. How damaging they will be is always the question.


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