Monday, June 19, 2017

More progress - the large pictures have been hung in the new house

We love art and have quite a few pieces including ones done by family. Slowly they are getting hung. Lots of smaller ones left to hang though.

The living room before and after. The painting over the couch was done by my MIL. 

Similarly the dining room before and after.

Our bedroom was pretty empty before. Now we have a real bed, storage bench and one picture. Progress.

The hallway got the framed original ballot from the 1994 South Africa election.

The air bed in the guest room has been replaced with a real bed and a poodle making new friends with our DIL and her dog. The last boxes to unpack are still in there though LOL.

The den is still pretty empty except for the TV cabinet that we purchased, a random table and lamp and more art waiting for homes. This empty space actually was very handy yesterday as we set up a folding table and seated 6 as part of Father's Day dinner for 12.

Two months in and it is feeling like home. The house is proving to be very comfortable and easy to live in which is a relief. Now to buy den furniture but first we are off to Berkeley for a long weekend with our younger son, DIL and grandbaby! Just the kind of family time this past weekend and coming weekend that we were hoping for when we decided to move back to California.


  1. Your house is filling up nicely and the paintings add a great touch. Welcome back to California by the way.

  2. The house looks to be shaping up nicely, Juhli, and so happy to hear that what brought you back to California is actually happening, i.e., more time with family, and your granddaughter in particular. We head out to see ours again in just a couple of days, and cannot wait.

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  4. Great to hear you're enjoying your new home. You're adding nice touches to it. Have a safe and fun trip to Berkeley!

    1. Thanks. We haven't seen our granddaughter for a while and are really looking forward to it.

    2. I just wanted to add that Berkeley is an awesome city. Make time to stop in at the amazing Berkeley Bowl if you can - it's a former bowling alley that has been turned into the most wonderful natural and organic food market I've ever been in. Produce selections like you've never seen in your life, and that's just to start! (

    3. We have been to Berkeley Bowl and are envious since we have nothing remotely like it here! We do have Trader Joe's and soon a Sprouts as well as a Sat. farmer's market so all is not lost.

  5. Your art work makes such a difference! Really makes a house a home!


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