Thursday, June 22, 2017

Off to see the Grand-baby; Oh and her parents too

We are heading out in a bit to drive to Berkeley to spend a long weekend with our younger son, DIL and that precious 7 mo old granddaughter! This will be an adventure and first, we hope, of many such trips.

First of all, we are taking our dog. She has met their dog but not their cat and never been to their home. Her "just get over it" immersion therapy continues!

We are babysitting the night we arrive. They scored tickets to see Hamilton in San Francisco and we offered to make the logistics easier. Hope she goes to sleep easily.

Their dog is scheduled for surgery on Friday to have a tumor removed. If the vet has to show up for jury duty it will be postponed a week and we will all take the grand-baby swimming instead.

Monday we reverse the drive.

Can't wait to get the weekend started.

BTW, right now we are being referred to as Pooh-bah and Nana! Hubby when asked joked and said he wanted to be called The Grand Poobah and that has stuck. My DIL is Grandma as she has an older grandson so we are trying Nana for me. We'll see what the little one decides to call us when she can talk.


  1. You will be exhausted as you have never been before, but it will be worth every single moment. Such a sweet love is that between grandparent and grandchild.

    PS - I'm Nana to my granddaughter, and because it's such an easy word/sound, she started saying it right after Mama and Dada. So keep that in mind as you are deciding. :-)

  2. Hope you are enjoying a special weekend with your family. Get lots of loves from that baby!


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