Monday, March 20, 2017

What about after the move and settling in?

I really enjoyed reading Tamara's spring bucket list and realized that it was time to think about what I was going to do and/or explore doing once we move, fix what needs fixing in the new house and are ready to get out in the larger world. So here are some ideas. A work in progress but I tend to hunker down and am seeing as I leave my current community that I squandered opportunities for great friendship and more fun by not being the one to reach out.

I want to be physically active so
- explore what I can do using the pool, gym, etc. at our HOA community
- try out the YMCA, parks & rec dept, and/or pilates studios to find the right community and exercise
- find good walking locations for with and without the dog

I want to eat right for my current body and health goals as well as cooking for Hubby's different dietary needs. To that end I am starting a Nutrition Counseling program on Wednesday. Stay tuned on that. But in my new home
- shop the Saturday farmer's market as this is an agricultural area
- try one new dinner recipe a week
- try different restaurants to find that magical mix of healthy, enjoyable and right price

I need a new community of friends and to get to know my sons, DILs, nieces & nephew, BIL, FIL and cousins in a new way that happens with more time together.
- schedule fun times and quiet times with each
- explore what is available in the HOA community
- look into sr. university, art or other classes
- find a compatible book club, walking group, mystery writers group, live theatre, etc.
- network with current friends and family to find who they might know in the area and make friends.
- get in the habit of having people over again
- throw a housewarming party and invite neighbors - or better yet throw 2 with one for neighbors and one for family

Decorating our new house to really work as our home is a priority.
- Work with people who can help create a vision and source fun, comfortable, affordable furnishings while enjoying the process
- Make sure what we buy is really right for us and not make do


  1. I'm loving the journey to your moving day as it is just what we did a year ago. Downsize slightly to a home which would be easy to run as we grow older, move to a community in the country but still have access to shops, theatre and friends and reassessing our lives.
    Go for it!. It has worked for us. Our village has so much going on and a great community spirit. We've fixed the house up so it is enjoyable to live in. We have never regretted moving from our lovely home for 38 years.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I needed it right now in the midst of all the hard work of actually moving.

  2. Yay, YOU! It is good to think beyond the keep your spirits up. Glad you have a plan for all that you want to do once you get settled. We are going to do a progress report on our spring bucket lists on April 27. You should be in your new home and state by then! Maybe you will join us for an update? If you are interested, please let me know or tell Tamara and we will add you to the link-up! P.S. We are dong an online book pressure, no requirements, just fun. If you are interested, let me know. My blog is

    1. Thanks for the invite. Since I'll be leaving my 18 year long book club behind I'll definitely check out the online book club. I'll have to wait and join up for the summer bucket list. As we arrive at our new home on April 19, My April 27 update would read (hopefully) 1. Moved successfully 2. Had plumbing, etc. repairs completed 3. unpacked boxes.

    2. So glad you will join up for summer. I will keep you in the loop for the details of the summer bucket list post. You will have all kinds of new adventures in your new home to add to a list by June. Join the virtual book club here:


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