Tuesday, March 21, 2017

30 Day Countdown to Move Out: Day 6

I am feeling surrounded by unpacked boxes LOL.

Today I did some final pruning of the yard, made the dog a grooming appointment for truck loading day (please don't let it be raining that day) and generally tried to get the house together a bit in the midst of chaos. Gave myself some down time to read and relax.

I made some progress on moving prep too.

- Cleared my desk and the dining room table of a lot of paperwork.
- In the process signed the home and earthquake insurance papers and emailed them back.
- Paid the termite inspector for the new house as the bill didn't make it into the escrow settlement.
- Picked up more free boxes.
- Sorted through all the non-standard size free boxes to see what might work for paintings/prints, table lamps, my antique chair, etc.
- Went to Home Depot to familiarize myself with helpful packing materials for difficult to pack items. I will be back to by foam corners and covers for 2 pieces of art, a rug cover, more bubble wrap and some shrink wrap for sure. Probably back to U-Haul for floor lamp boxes and a TV box.
- My former painting teacher picked up my painting easel for use in her classes. She gave me some great advice on how to pack paintings.
- Sorted through light bulbs and batteries to see what needed to stay with the house.
- Started a list of what to pack in the "open me immediately" boxes - top of the list is toilet paper, LOL. Also collecting what has to travel in the car vs in the truck such as batteries.
- We prepared the family room sofa and rug for pick up in the morning.

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