Thursday, March 16, 2017

My head is rather spinning!

I just got home after a whirlwind trip of buying a house in Camarillo, CA and then babysitting my 3 month old granddaughter. Throw in a 90th birthday party for my FIL as well as continuing along with the selling of our Atlanta house and these last 3 weeks have been crazy making.

So let's see what was good about it all besides seeing family and getting to know our delicious (and exhausting as only an infant can be) granddaughter.

- All the paperwork required on both houses has definitely boosted my phone skills!
- We achieved our goal of selecting a new home in one day of looking. We viewed 5 properties and selected what seemed to be the one that suited us best and required the least remodeling. Hoping we don't live to regret this LOL. We are only downsizing by 700 sq ft but our new 1980 home is single story, a more open concept and has more contemporary looking finishes than our 1941 house. There is still quite a bit of work to be done on it so we are starting with removing the "cottage cheese" ceilings, and fixing plumbing, electrical and HVAC issues before we tweak colors, closet doors, and remodel the second bathroom. The kitchen and master bath have been redone as have the windows.
- We found a new vet in our soon to be new hometown who seems like a good match for our pup and her Addison's disease that requires monthly shots.
- The town library is absolutely fabulous although the collection isn't huge.
- The ocean is about 20 minutes away.
- My FIL is seriously happy that his older son will soon be 20 minutes away instead of across the country.
- We will be through this whirlwind on April 14th as we drive away from Atlanta.

Now to keep up the pace to finish this race and not let concerns about these huge life changes grow into depressing thoughts. I will admit that my major concern is going from a vibrant city life to a quiet, slow paced suburban one. Not the lifestyle I have ever sought out in my adult life, but there will be gems of things to do to be found and friends to be made. We did meet one of our new neighbors and she seems kind and generous.

Onward to more paperwork, culling of furniture and one car and packing.


  1. Oh exciting!!! So many wonderful changes to look forward too, including proximity to your beautiful granddaughter. ☺

    Did you end up buying in Leisure World, or elsewhere? Either way, Camarillo has a gorgeous year round climate, right up there with San Diego. And you are next door to vibrant Ventura, and a short drive to the incredible Santa Barbara. I predict you are going to love this next phase.

    1. Thanks Tamara. Yes, we are buying in Leisure Village - first time in an HOA community. We did live in San Diego long ago and that is a good comparison.

  2. Camarillo is a friendly active community with lots to do if you stay close to home. Easy access to Santa Barbara to the north, or Los Angeles to the south.

    1. I think you are right. Just in in the muddle and middle of major life change right now.

  3. Adorable grandbaby you have there! That is a great photo fo the two of you. :)

  4. What a busy gal you have been! I feel much the same way. Mom's 90th and babysitting my year-old granddaughter but I am not in the middle of moving. We are having a pool built, though. Love your radiant smile in the photo, granddaughters bring out the best in us, don't they?

    1. They do - what a delight to have a grandchild.


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