Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Building my Retirement Wardrobe - February 2017 update

Still sticking to shopping from my list and continuing to shorten it. For example, I had down to buy a cross-body purse, but won't do that until I happen upon a great one at a great price or my current one breaks. That is definitely in the "want" category while new undergarments and short sleeve tops are in the "need" category.

In February I spent $33.54 on my wardrobe.

I bought a Loft navy cotton top at a consignment store and love that it already has interest in the neckline - $8.54. I'll wear it to a casual party this coming weekend pairing with dark wash jeans and a colorful waterfall cardigan.

I also bought an IT Cosmetics eyebrow pencil - $25. My eyebrows have decided to do a partial disappearing act with age so this minimal make up gal has found putting them back together is a big help.

I tried to find a Little Dark Dress for a cocktail party, short sleeve tops for spring and another pair of shoes but not luck so far. Items must be good additions to my small wardrobe. That is the major issue not price. I'm shopping in consignment stores because the variety is better LOL.


  1. gorgeous top, just what I would buy. I like the idea of building a retirement wardrobe, has given me food for thought.

  2. Great consignment find! Just picked up a big haul of clearance items at our Loft Outlet. A darling snowflake tee for $5 and a snowflake sweater for $7. Love me some snow!!

    1. LOL, my new home is near a giant outlet mall and I noticed Loft has a store there. I like their things too and will be visiting that store.

  3. Thanks for sharing your tips and ideas about shopping these apparel and accessories. I am a big fan of discount shopping though. But i liked your approach. Happy shopping!

  4. Eyebrows make SUCH a difference! How has that darling top worked out? Are you still wearing it?


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