Sunday, March 19, 2017

30 Day Countdown to Move Out: Day 4

I certainly woke up knowing that I did a lot of packing plus the laundry yesterday. Living in a 3 story home (laundry in basement) is a form of exercise. I'll have to make up for that when we are in a single story house.


- We sold the older car to our dog's foster family who have boarded her since we adopted her 7 years ago. So glad it will help them out.
- We gave away a lot of items: a carload to thrift store and to neighbors a bookshelf, umbrella and stand, gazing ball and stand, plants, rug, futon and ottoman, end table, 2 lamps, cafe table and 2 chairs, baker's rack and more. Busy day.
- Finished filling the last 2 of 9 boxes packed yesterday. Only packed one more box.
- Had a long discussion about the coverage we should select for our piece of homeowner's insurance and for earthquake insurance. Will get some additional quotes from agent tomorrow and make decision.
- Had offers of free moving boxes and hope to pick them up tomorrow and then return some that we bought.


  1. Your move is going ahead nicely. Ask your agent what the deductible is for pay out on earthquake insurance, it is usually huge. When there was an earthquake in our area lots of chimneys fell and that was not covered because of the deductible. Just something for you to ask.

    1. Yes, you are correct. I have a list of questions before we buy but we are also realizing we can change the insurance once we get settled. It certainly is interesting to buy insurance for a different part of the country! We were in CA in 1997 for the Northridge earthquake and had friends whose homes were totaled so there has been a lot of discussion about how much financial risk to take on our investment in the house.

  2. You are definitely on top of things ... keep up the good work and everything will go smoothly.


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