Saturday, March 18, 2017

30 Day Countdown to Move Out: Day 3

Big progress today:

- A neighbor wants the last book shelf and is picking it up tomorrow.
- We photographed a car which we will sell and a couch, end table, TV stand, table & 4 chairs, 2 rugs, dresser, cafe table & 2 chairs, futon with ottoman & end table, easel, patio umbrella & stand which will be given away.
- Bought first batch of boxes and started packing. Thank goodness for the free used but clean packing paper I picked up Friday evening and for free bubble wrap.- Gathered all decorative objects and decided to send to new homes 3/4 of the items. This included pottery, candles/candle holders, other decorative items, artwork,  & mirrors. Packed remaining items.
- Packed all photographs, games and hobby items
- Sorted through some more tools eliminating items.
- 2 friends have expressed interest in buying our car after an email I sent out after lunch!

As we pack I am updating our home inventory and keeping a list of what is generally in each box.

I am following some advice I found online regarding labeling boxes carefully as you pack by putting all labels on the sides of the boxes instead of the top, labeling what's in each one and the room it belongs to in the new house, and giving each box a number to coordinate with my list. 

I think I will also label how heavy they are to assist with loading the truck properly.  DH found some markers in his desk at work and brought them home for box labeling so we don't have to buy any more.



  1. You are making such great progress! I applaud your organized packing. The boxes I pack are always labeled with specifics. Unfortunately my husband labels things in the manner of "Glass Dishes" which can mean anything from kitchen dishes and bakeware, knick knacks, or outdoor flower pots! And he's so proud of himself! Grrrrrr. :)

    1. That is funny. I'm finding my good intentions slipping a bit but so far we have mostly packed decorative items when can be the last unpacked. I think my written list will be more thorough that what is on the box.

  2. After this move, you can open your own packing company and help others!!

    1. Haha! I am sore this morning and we were both in decision overload yesterday. Wish my kids were closer (as they will be) as they would come help us.


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