Monday, January 2, 2017

Get it Done December: Week 4

This last week and extra few days of December Hubby is using vacation days that he will lose at the end of the year and getting amazing things done.

- All interior and exterior painting on our list is done.
- Lots and lots of leaves raked.
- Fixed the pull cord on a basement ceiling light.

I managed to also check off some house related items.

- Basement vacuumed and cleared out. More to do once we get to February.
- New door mat for the sun porch.
- Started deep cleaning each room. The upstairs bedroom, bath and sitting room are done including ceiling lights. Downstairs will be done once the bath remodel is completed. Of course there will need to be continuous thorough cleaning.
- Got the bath designer to get approval to return the almost $500 of floor tile that didn't work for no restocking fee. She is to take it back. The tile we did use was much less expensive too.
- Changed my email on all online accounts. Comcast is not the provider where we are moving.

We also met with our realtor to go over the disclosure forms and deadlines as well as a couple of staging questions. The house will go on the market on February 23rd with the public open house February 26 and realtor caravan the 28th. Onward with the countdown.


  1. Wow, all the painting done. That's huge!

    1. It is! We are quite happy to be done with it.

  2. Big items to have checked off - nice!


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