Monday, January 2, 2017

Building my Retirement Wardrobe - December 2016 update

I added quite a few items to my wardrobe in December due to gifts and to hitting the consignment store bonanza on Boxing Day.

First the gifts. A friend gave me quite a number of pairs of vintage clip on earrings that had been her Mom's. Nicely adds to my collection.

My younger son and DIL gave me a "Generations" necklace to commemorate becoming a Grandma. Lovely.

So then there are the items I bought. 
Jeans and light weight pants.

A cashmere sweater and linen top.

 A purse to replace a worn out one and a scarf to help my black wool coat work better for me.

 I'm quite happy and all were on my list. Bought for only $90.

A number of worn out items went into the trash, some others into the donation bag. Progress.


  1. I have a couple of those linen knit tops and I like them. Mine have kind of a slubby appearance and I feel like they add texture. The downside is that sometimes I have to iron them and while I don't hand wash them I think they might keep their shape better if they were hand washed.

    1. I do believe this one is hand wash as it is a linen blend. I do not iron so it will have to be fashionably wrinkle in hot weather LOL.

  2. That scarf will look gorgeous on your black coat. I do like scarves, both subtle like yours and sparkly too.

    1. Sparkly would be fun! It hasn't been cold enough to wear that coat but the time is coming LOL.


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