Monday, December 5, 2016

Get it Done December: Day 4

Today it was rainy and chilly. Add to that how physically tired I am from all the manual labor of the last few days and I have to say that 67 is not the new 30 or 40 in this respect! We are both worn out.

I cozied up in heavy socks, slippers, my "coatigan", etc. Not going out of the house today except for coffee.

I chose to focus on less strenuous indoor tasks today and accomplished this:

- Washed family room windows.
- Removed artwork from all walls shared with bathroom. I don't want anything to fall down when they are doing the demo!

- Finished cleaning the oven and racks. Dropping a piece of fish onto the oven bottom last night signaled to me it was time to run the self-cleaning oven feature LOL and the racks have to be washed separately.

- Mended my fleece jacket and the dog's raincoat 😉. Altered 2 knit exercise pants, and a knit top.

Hubby put up a new smoke alarm and found out the 2 new under cabinet light fixtures for the kitchen won't fit. We are ready to leave up what is there even with a cracked plastic cover on one of them. They do work.

The painters replaced the window screen recently ripped by a falling branch so that is done too. 


  1. Washing windows is not my idea of light-duty :)

    1. You need the wonder e-cloth window cleaning pack! Just use water and they are sparkling.


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