Sunday, December 4, 2016

12 weeks and counting AND Day 3 of Get it Done December

Yeah! The painting on the outside of the house (trim, doors, addition wood siding, fence) and the living room ceiling is finished and paid for. Check that off.

In other exciting news,
- I moved the dog's crate, etc. upstairs for the duration of remodeling. She doesn't like all of this change. Just wait until they start demolishing the downstairs bathroom!

- We decided not to spend money on having the tree service prune large shrubs and cut off a trunk. Here's to renting a chain saw & learning how to use it.

And yesterday, Day 3 of Get it Done December in addition to regular chores, the two of us managed to:

- Buy new outdoor doormats and 12 bags of bark mulch.
- Work in the courtyard off the sun porch to rake, prune, spread bark mulch near newly painted fence, remove extra bricks, and put yard art out.
- Washed the window by the upstairs closets and ironed and rehung the curtain.
- Put the living room back together now that windows are painted. Washed the inside of the windows.

I wore my new to me charcoal vest with a new to me last year cranberry top and very old jeans to work my butt off today (did I mention all the week's clothing and household laundry was done too?)


  1. You are getting tons of work done! I'm sure you know that if you rent a chain saw, you need safety goggles and special mesh arm guards and leg guards - you won't even think about skimping on the safety gear!

    1. I realized that yesterday and emailed the tree service to see what they would charge to just take care of that! Hoping they will do it while doing some other job in the area and cut us a deal as long term customers.

  2. If your cute vest wasn't zipped down, I would swear there was a big 'S' on the shirt front. You are Superwoman! I am in awe of your list and the progress you continue to make.

    1. Awww, thanks. We are exhausted today though.

  3. Nice vest ... but be careful of that chainsaw!

    1. Thanks for the warning. We have insteaD decided to find someone to hire to do it.


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