Thursday, August 18, 2016

Today's house selling prep project

Is - find a light bulb for an old light fixture! Ta-da!

Also known as escape the sounds of the neighbor's driveway being torn up and replaced.

Not as easy as you might think to figure out the new light bulb varieties. But then we are determined not to do things like change light fixtures so cross your fingers for me.

I am off to check out a supply place called Light Bulb Depot on the other side of town with modest hopes. We have 2 old can lights (exterior mount to the ceiling) near our closets that have had reflector spotlights in them. Not made any more and your generic big box store employees can't tell me what LED light would be a good substitute.

Update 1:

Sigh. I could have bought the ones we were using but I went with natural light LEDs. Too bright and white. Back tomorrow to exchange and pay the "restocking" fee. I have to give the clerk credit though as she tried really hard to show me the differences and talk me through it.

Update 2:

Went back today and ended up with warm frequency LEDs which are ok but not quite bright enough. At least they didn't charge the restocking fee and these were actually less. So ready to be done with taking care of this house.

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