Sunday, August 14, 2016

33 weeks and counting - to putting house up for sale that is

Week 34 was a busy week on the house prep front.

1. On Sunday I washed the walls in the bedroom we use as an office. It is almost done - just a bit of touch up painting, windows washed and closet decluttering completed. The two unnecessary book shelves went to their new home. I had already donated the area rug and recliner that were in this room. I moved a rattan chair in from upstairs. We will hang a painting to add a bit more color or just leave the trio on the floor.

2. Meanwhile my husband took down a giant bush that was dying and leaving only the stump for the tree service to deal with. We then decided that a whole long section of fencing on that side of the house was too decrepit to keep. No need to replace it fortunately and now it won't have to be painted.

3. I painted the feature wall in the family room. We centered the couch and painting as recommended by the stager and will remove most of the plants and small table when the house goes up for sale. Only 2 feature walls left to paint out of 5!

4. We received near final design plans for the main floor bathroom remodel. Just a few questions to be answered and then it can go out for bids and we can select a contractor. By doing the work over the fall/winter holidays we will get a lower price.

5. We met with the painting estimator as we know we will use the same firm we used before. Mostly outside work, but some difficult inside painting as well to be done by them. Waiting to receive bid.

6. I went through our Christmas decorations and pulled out some things for donating. The Christmas decorations now fit into 2 plastic tubs I bought at a very low price from the Friends of the Library and they are ready for the move.

I was interesting also to learn that what motivates my husband to make changes in the house now is a week countdown to listing the house plus subtraction of the weeks we will be gone to see family, the bath remodel work and painting work. All of those really reduce the time we have to do our part by 4 weeks for Hubby and 6 weeks for me. Made it feel a bit more real to him. He asked what he should work on next.

Week 33 plans?

- work on finding a home for the roll top desk
- go through more drawers & cupboards to reduce our belongings further
- sign off on bathroom remodel materials & request bids for work
- obtain painting bid
- start dismantling a flower bed that requires too much maintenance


  1. You are doing so great! When the time comes, I hope you find an ideal new home, as lovely as the one you're leaving - you deserve it!

    1. Thanks. It is interesting that we both are liking the more sparsely furnished house and not missing anything but an area rug so far. Same with the yard as we have decided to subtract more shrubs/plants to make it less work and open it up.

  2. It's very interesting to learn about the nitty gritty of this process! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. It is enlightening for us too even with major moves in our past. I think it is the combined life changes of retirement, downsizing, & cross country move that have us really rethinking our material possessions.


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