Sunday, July 31, 2016

35 weeks and counting - to putting house up for sale that is

Yikes, I just figured out we have only 35 weeks left to get everything done and I'll be gone 3 of those celebrating my FIL's 90th birthday and helping to care for our soon to be born granddaughter! Yes, in the midst of other life changes we are becoming grandparents for the first time. So very happy and looking forward to meeting her and being part of her life.

We are making great progress on preparing the house for sale though.

- My husband has finished painting the inside of the new sun porch windows.
- I finished going through all paper files and eliminating at least 60%. We will still have to deal with my husband's work papers when he empties his office. Perhaps most of it can never enter our house?
- I'm halfway through the photos from my parent's house and then will do a quick declutter through all the print photos we have. We have a box of my husband's sitting in CA to deal with after we move and eventually I will get all the best ones professionally scanned and make print albums so we can enjoy them.
- Bit by bit we are succeeding at our material de-acquisitioning (sounds so much better than decluttering LOL!) Recently objects to leave included an extra briefcase, large suitcase, a lamp, small end table, and an area rug.
- We made a list of what we think needs to be painted on the exterior of the house and painting that needs doing by professionals inside. I'll set up an appointment to get the bid and discuss timing.

Being a list maker I pretty much know everything that has to be done. So I've started another type of list.

For each week I am going to have 4 goals related to this so I will have fewer "to dos" rattling in my brain.

Week 35:

- Finish sorting photos and go through family room storage unit Christmas stuff and hobby stuff that belongs to me
- Make appointments with painting estimator and bath remodel designer
- Discuss family room staging and buy paint for feature wall
- Find a taker for the large roll top desk. I do have two one charity leads and if those don't work out I'll list it on Freecycle. Fortunately it doesn't have to leave the house immediately. If you are in Atlanta and want it, it is free if you move it!



  1. Nice desk. I know it's hard to get rid of those beautiful old things, even tho' we know we have to.

    1. True but in this case Tom I have wanted to be rid of it for the last 10 to 15 years but my husband wanted to keep it! We bought it new 30 years ago as a 14th birthday gift for our older son who dearly wanted it. Of course he didn't want to take it with him to his current small home LOL.


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