Friday, August 5, 2016

Today I made progress - on the getting the house ready to sell that is

Yesterday after I did the grocery shopping run I started to feel unwell and the rest of the day was pretty much unproductive. I did sort the last of the print photos so we know have 3 1/2 archival boxes instead of 5. I already had pulled out the photos I wanted and discarded one album of ours and 6 of my parent's albums plus a box of random paper items from their house. For now I am  happy with what I kept and will move those.

Today I feel somewhat better, but not up to working in the yard in the soggy, humid, hot weather. So I did things inside instead.

The major project was washing the kitchen walls and pantry shelves. Thanks to use of a generic "Magic Eraser" there is no need to repaint the walls. There are just 2 nail holes and a tiny ding that are now filled and ready to spot paint.

The downside of this project was that then I had to the clean kitchen sink and counters thoroughly after the above created a mess.

I'm tired! Washing walls is harder work than I always think it will be but at least that potential painting project is off the list.

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  1. I'm giving you a virtual hand...applause, that is, not help. :) Good job!


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