Thursday, June 16, 2016

Downsizing and Moving Update #6: Progress in first half of June

We got a bit done this past two weeks to prepare the house for sale and I feel like we are on schedule.

New windows were installed in the sun porch and some rotten trim replaced outside.

I finished painting the guest room "feature wall" and that room is finished.

I started doing the same with the upstairs bathroom. All of the walls have to be painted including 3 that are a dark color. The walls are washed and painter's tape up almost everywhere. Onward to priming and painting.

I washed the storm windows and all of the interior doors in the rooms that were painted.

More things left our house and won't need to be moved. An old recliner and two bookshelves went to new homes. A stand mixer and other things from the kitchen went to a favorite charity thrift store. Four cans of old paint were addressed with kitty litter to harden the paint and put in the trash.


  1. You are doing great and will even get to enjoy the changes for a few months before you move on.

    1. That is my plan! Also we have a first grandchild arriving in November and want to be in the place where we can enjoy that.


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