Saturday, June 18, 2016

30 Chic Days - Day 5 (Capsule wardrobe version)

I'm joining Fiona and Sue to track 30 days of "chic" living. The purpose of this is to log every day with the goals of:
- Awareness of what I’m doing each day
- Where I am placing my focus, and
- Remembering what I want to achieve.

Day 5

My focus for the day was maximizing my small summer wardrobe and learning more about my new phone.

Eating: Breakfast was banana nut muffin, Greek yogurt, blueberries and banana. Lunch was a small serving of leftover ratatouille, French bread with cheese and green salad. Dinner was out at a Thai restaurant - Pad Kee Mao with beef (not a low calorie dish!). Snacks were half an apple and a chocolate cookie. Drinks were water and coffee and Chardonnay with dinner.

What I wore: I had an at home day and tried out a new combo from my small summer wardrobe by wearing a blue tank with my blue capris. For going out to dinner I changed to navy crops and added another necklace and a white jacket.
 Usually I wear the blue capris with a white top or sometimes a melon colored one.

I decided to see how many other workable combos I could make with these capris.
I came up with 3 more for a total of 6 different outfits.

How I moved my body: A 50 minute Pilates session with a trainer.

What I read: More mystery book reading. I'm addicted.


  1. Cute capri outfits. I like your new plan and I would add reading the Bible to that each night before bed, that is part of my routine this year.

  2. Love the 30 Chic Days! The blue with blue surprised me with how great it looks...really elongates appearance. And I love that adding a piece of jewelry really steps up the outfit. I'm so lazy about not adding accessories, so this has been a good reminder for me.

    1. Thanks - I thought of all blue as being like a pantsuit or dress. Otherwise I wouldn't have tried it. Accessories do make such a difference and I am learning that the small delicate ones don't really show up.

  3. I've been creating outfits with navy capris, t-shirt and white or navy cardigan. If I change to ankle-length or longer navy pants, the number
    of outfits is amazing. Have you read Louise Penny? I read a lot of mysteries and I really enjoyed hers which are set in the Eastern Townships of Québec.

    1. You sound like you are wearing my wardrobe! I have read some of her mysteries and will look to see if there are more to enjoy.