Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Yikes - Less than a year until house is on the market

This is really starting to feel real! We did someone backward planning from our intended date to put our Atlanta home on the market and we have only about 11 months to get it ready depending on what the realtor suggests re: listing timing.

Some things need to be done this summer such as painting the outside of the house. Any landscaping needs to happen in the fall with a pruning and cleanup session right as the listing goes up. There are a lot more things to do so being me I have created a list of questions for the realtor who we hope will make time to come by very soon! Then I can figure out the tasks in order and start chipping away at them.

Do we need a termite bond? Do we need to have the chimney swept? What about a pre-emptive home inspection? How much do we really need to spruce up the house? Etc. many times over.

We are going to spend some serious time checking out one of the areas we are thinking of living in S. California when we are there visiting family in early May. Hoped for move date is June 2017.

My focus is really on making this relocation as low stress as possible while maximizing the money we get for this house.

I am also really focused on not buying anything we don't really need in the next 14 months as we will ONLY move what is in great condition, very useful, at least liked if not loved or essential to daily life and not easily replaceable. That means lots of changes.

I'm only half joking when I say I will be starting an Amazon purchase list to have delivered to our next home right as we get there! Worn out frying pan but use one 4 times a week on average. Toss. Order new one just like we want. Repeat.

Exciting. Scary. Challenging. I could go on.


  1. I would still recommend a pre-sale inspection. If the inspector does his job properly, there will be few if any problems. The buyer's inspector may find some piddly things just to say he did...ha! I was always amazed how many people would make the biggest purchase of their lives without a home inspection. Can't always rely on the disclosure papers... You will be busy culling and making lists.

  2. What a good idea with your forward planning. We are thinking of moving in one year and have been thinking about improving the house, but will do it in a more methodical way similar to you.


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