Tuesday, February 2, 2016

For Mette - the 4 brooches I own

Mette (The yogastic shopping planner) asked for photos of my brooches and here they are. This little wooden seahorse belonged to my Mom and she passed it on when I was a teenager. Special meaning but rarely worn.

The next one was very hard to photograph as it is so sparkly! Blue stones and multi finish metals. Recently purchased from Etsy as a vintage item.

Another vintage one from an Etsy dealer and it really matches my love of complexity and design.

The last one is also vintage but more traditional looking and shiny not in a fun way. This is the one I'm not sure I am going to keep although today I used it to pin a long scarf in place so it may be a keeper after all!

Sorry the photos aren't better but I am still learning how to navigate Windows 10 and can't find my photo editor!


  1. Oh that third one is spectacular! And the best part is that they are so different. The seahorse is a little quirky and would look amazing in a simple outfit where it would be allowed to shine, the second is elegantely sparkly pointy and very vintage and you can basically put it anywhere. On a hat, top center of a top (look to Michelle Stefani's posts on facebook), holding a scarf... Third one is so fun and interesting and I bet it goes with a lot of your clothes. And #4 is beautiful in it's simplicity - you can get different looks out of it just by changing it's 'direction'. Wonderful! Thank you for this special post :-).

  2. I suggest you download and use Picasa for picture editing and managing - its free and easy

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Right now I am still learning how to access what I have vs what Windows 10 throws up first.


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