Thursday, February 4, 2016

On spinal anatomy, pain, and the wonders of physical therapy

My body keeps teaching me things LOL.

Last weekend I noticed that I had significant pain and restricted range of motion when I tipped my head forward or to the left. Enter my wonderful Physical Therapist who made space for me on her calendar yesterday and today in hopes that I can get on an airplane on Tuesday without lots of pain. I like pain free travel and family visits don't you?

So what is the problem? My spinal facet joints have grabbed bits of tissue and are grinding them when I move - facet joint impingement it is called. What was most interesting to me was the fact that I even have facet joints (Spine Universe) which are what connects the vertebrae together and run along the sides of your spine.

Lots of improvement after the first PT session and I am hoping for more after today's. Then I hope my tendency to be very diligent about doing the assigned PT exercises will help me be pain free or at least minimal.

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