Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Evaluation: January wardrobe additions - one month and a year or more ago

The ongoing challenge of trying to remake my wardrobe.

This January I spent $67 and picked up several things with mixed results. I was also surprised at how little cold weather we had and it looks like February will also be unusually warm.

I am short. Most tops are too long. Some of these fall in that category, but while the first 2 look ok and all fill a need to stay warm I'm not sure about the third.

Olive sweater (Eddie Bauer) - $12 thrifted; 3 wears  - I love how this looks on. Here I cozied it up with a vest, scarf and hiking boots that were keeping my feet warm on our first real winter day.

Wine tweed cowl sweater (Charter Club) - $14 thrifted; 2 wears - I was looking for an oversized acrylic sweater that was right for our colder days and there it was! Perfect.

Stone tweed zip cardigan - $13 thrifted; 2 wears - I have removed the zipper and washed & dried it so far so it is smaller now. I need to play with this more as I think it is too straight and long and makes me look frumpy. I'm going to try fastening it with a brooch to see if that helps. It is warm though it may have to move on to someone else's closet.

Mauve 3/4 sleeve top - $4 thrifted; 0 wears - I'm not so sure about the color of this as it may be too muted for me. I am in the process of shortening it. Will see how it works out in warmer weather.


Gray corduroy pants - $4 thrifted; 0 wears - I was eyeing a similar pair on Macy's website that were on sale for $23 but then stopped by a thrift store on a day where everything was 40% off. Had to hem them and they are lower rise than I prefer but .... how great is that since I only will wear them 1 or 2 months a year. Now that they are hemmed it has gotten much warmer of course with a high for today of 71!


Artsy mixed metal and bead brooch - $13 Etsy vintage; 2 wears - This was a great find. Fits my evolving style and makes me smile.

Silver leaf broach - $7 Etsy vintage; 0 wears - I don't like this now that I have received it so it is going into the donate pile.

Years past January purchases:

Indigo down jacket - 2015; $60 on sale - Great purchase. This is one of those down jackets that packs into a small bag and I love it. Perfect for much of our cooler weather, travels well, and goes with everything. I wore it last February on the ferry from Oakland to San Francisco as shown here with my husband and younger son.

Charcoal zip vest - 2012 I think; about $20 -  Another great purchase. I've pretty much worn this to death but it is still ok for casual wear. I'm going to have to find a replacement in the next 2 years.


  1. Beautiful additions - I love the olive sweater with the vest, it is so stylist - and I really want to see your brooches :-)

    1. Thank you - I really value your opinion. And as requested I posted photos of the brooches I own in a special post just for you LOL.


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