Sunday, November 15, 2015

No Repeat November - Week 2 of Shopping my Closet

What have I learned from two weeks of this challenge? That it takes more time to put together varied outfits but I definitely have enough clothing at least for November weather! I've discovered some new outfit combinations that I like and will want to use down the road.

What ones do you think are worth repeating? Do you have a favorite?

I've been happier with how I look so far this month and really loved the grocery cashier exclaiming that I didn't look old enough for the senior discount (60 and above)! While most of that is due to luck in the genetic department and perhaps an unrealistic notion on her part as to what 60+ looks like, I'm also going to credit upping my style, wearing the right colors and Pilates for my posture improvement.

So far in November I've worn 36 items of clothing in addition to two scarves, 15 pieces of jewelry, a purse and various jackets and gloves. There still are numerous clothing items I've not worn that are weather appropriate. So far I've used:

12 tops
7 pairs of pants
8 cardigans/pullovers
4 belts
5 pairs of shoes

Day 8
I was playing with the length of the top and will make it a couple of inches longer when I hem it or leave it long - definitely not this short!

Day 9

Day 10
Inside and outside versions

 Day 11

 Day 12

 Day 13
Daytime and out for dinner versions
Day 14

This week I've linked up to Not Dead Yet Style - visible Monday, The Pleated Poppy - What I Wore & Claire Justine - Creative Mondays

Also check out my inspiration for this project Midlife Makeover - No repeat November and Thanksgiving. Two of my friends who are also participating, Mette of The Yogastic Shopping Planner and Sue at Over 60 and Over Here. Then head over to what brought the 3 of us together and check out 7 Steps to Style offered by Imogen Lamport who also writes the Inside Out Style blog.


  1. This challenge is demanding! and sounds like a lot of fun too. Great looks, xox


    1. Thanks much. I don't know if I'll make it all month & may skip Thanksgiving week since we will have company.

  2. Look 9 is on trend . . . I like! That length top, paired with slim fitting pants, is flattering on all body types.

    1. I like that one too. I'm still trying to figure out how to wear the top a different way though.

  3. Love your outfits! My favorites are the last one and the one with the pink scarf and grey pants. I love that you, too, assessing your wardrobe as you do the challenge. I'm finding it such a good reminder about the difference between what I think I see in my favorite mirror and what the camera knows.

    1. Yes, the camera does tell a different story sometimes! Thanks for the feedback.

  4. Every outfit just keeps getting better!

  5. Love this idea! Good way to keep things fun and interesting!



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