Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hmmm - August & September goals; the let's be realistic version

Well, once again I was too ambitious with my goals for last month (or too lazy to complete them LOL). If you want to see how ambitious just go to August goals

I see that yard work and exercise were the biggest failures along with shopping. Three things I don't really enjoy by the way. I did spend time with friends, meet my volunteer commitments, exercise sessions booked were attended except I was sick twice, walked and groomed my dog and went to some classes.

So I'll be a bit more restrained in my goals for September! Note: if they are lined through then they have been completed.

Friends & Family
- Lunch with a friend
- Theatre with a friend
- Run book sale
- Sort donated books 3 times afterwards
- Finish pruning bushes
- Clean out perennial bed
- Select art to frame and hang; use Pinterest to decide on idea that we both like
Health & Exercise
- Pilates 5 times
- Shop for fall slacks, two nice tops and flats
- Attend new OLLI classes (Great Cities and Meet the Authors) 3 times
- Monthly vet visit
- Grooming visit


  1. Sounds like you're busy and well organized. Monthly vet visit? I hope all is okay on that front.

    1. Thanks Tom. Yes, all if ok on the dog front. She has Addison's disease with no adrenal gland function so has to get a shot every month to stay alive. As long as we do that she is in good shape.

  2. A good assortment of activities. Maybe could use more fun, though!


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