Sunday, August 2, 2015

August goals

Vacation is over and it is sooooo much summer here that I will have to push myself to get outside but I need to for several reasons including exercise and yard work. Lots to do this month so here goes with the goals.

Friends & Family
- Call friend scheduled to have hip replacement before and after surgery
- Lunch with a friend
- Book club meeting

- Make sure Friends of the Library book sale plans are all completed by team
- Sort donated books 4 times

- Prune all bushes
- Spray for mosquitoes although not too bad this year
- Car routine service

Health & Exercise
- Make appointment with dermatologist for skin check
- Buy correct foam roller
- Pilates 4 times
- Daily stretching
- Weights twice a week

- Buy socks for waterproof walking/hiking shoes
- Make skirt that is already cut out
- Thrift shop for 2 tops for skirts

- Attend final 2 weeks of OLLI classes
- Pick 2 classes for next session and register

- Monthly vet visit and discuss reduced impact of hormone shot
- Walk further each day
- Bathe and groom

That should do it!

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