Sunday, September 20, 2015

Happy dances for week of September 13th

We had several lovely cool Fall days in a row before it became Summer again. As a result we were able to walk a segment of the Atlanta Beltline on Sunday. Exercise, a temporary outdoor art exhibit, some wildflowers, lunch at the turnaround point and a nice time with Hubby is happiness indeed.

The used CD and record store owner bought the CDs leftover from the Friends book sale. I believe he paid us more than they are worth which was kind.

I have finished a round of pruning of bushes in our yard! Just in time for leaf raking LOL.

My clothes shopping for wardrobe rebuilding continues. Among other things I found a jacket with a hood in exactly the color I was looking for at the consignment store. I'm now all set for Fall except for shoes.

This amazing spider and its zigzag reinforced web center!

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