Sunday, September 27, 2015

Happy dances for the week of September 20th

This was a social week for me and that made me happy.

- Had lunch with a woman who was the little girl next door when I was in high school & college. Her Mom and mine were best friends and both died in the Spring of 2014. It was nice to "meet" her while she was in town visiting friends of hers.

- Talked on the phone and via email with the woman who was the teenager next door when I was a young Mom living in San Diego. We are arranging to spend a day with her while we are in NYC in October as she lives in Brooklyn. Will be so much fun to see the city with her as we travel around being tourists.

- Had a nice long chat with a friend who just got back from an Alaskan cruise. She was so happy with the experience and is figuring out how to go back to Alaska next summer. I am so happy for her as she doesn't do much for herself and was concerned if the money she spent on the cruise was going to be worth it.

Other happiness inducers were:

- When I walked into Kroger on Wednesday morning they handed me a yellow carnation. It is in a bud vase brightening a corner of our home right now.

- I got my flu shot at the drugstore and am very happy I realized it was time to do this and that there is no cost due to my insurance. Most people aren't happy to get vaccinations but I was terribly ill with the flu a long time ago to the point of losing 10 pounds after living on water and a bit of bread for a week spent lying down. Although I would like to lose 10 pounds I don't want to be that sick ever again if I can avoid it!

- We had our giant sugar maple and oak trees pruned to thin the crown and pull it back some from the house roof and power line. They did a fabulous job and cleaned up after themselves pretty well. Last major, expensive prune (hopefully) before we sell the house.


  1. I love those happy dances of yours, dear Juhli. There's nothing more pleasant than seeing people who can enjoy life's pleasures. It makes everyone around them happy too ! xx


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