Monday, June 1, 2015

Month 5: Goal Progress Report for May

Here's my report of how I did in this past month.

I spent most of my free time during May focused on making sure I had a workable spring and summer wardrobe and doing some spring cleaning outside. I did lots of yard work: Sprayed for mosquitoes; cleaned the BBQ inside and out including the cover; cleaned the back patio doors, screen, stairs and bricks; cleaned 2 patio chairs and side table; moved geraniums from sun porch to back patio; weeded;  

May 2015

1. Eat to reduce bad cholesterol levels - not pastry/cookies out, less meat and even more vegetables. 

* Better; not perfect

2. Work out daily (modified goal: includes activities that are good exercise, walks, DVD/YouTube, gym/trainer sessions or classes)

* Enjoying my Pilates sessions and tried a stretch class. Using stretch dvd at home occasionally.

3. Buy the clothing needed to have a wardrobe I love to wear that fits my life right now.

* I had a great run of good finds at thrift stores: colored jeans and shorts as well as two pairs of capris, a dressy tank top, dressy 3/4 sleeve top and a $2 belt just the right color.
* Found this summer's sandals at a discount shoe store and purchased another pair on eBay.
* Let go of worn out, ill fitting or not flattering items

4. Go through all files, office supplies and my books and only keep what brings me happiness, is used regularly or will be used up over time. This has been expanded to include getting rid of other items as I encounter them and trying to only replace not add to our stuff.

Gone: 3 books, 2 inches of paper

5. Disentangle from all of my volunteer roles for the Friends of the Library in preparation for moving in 2017.

* Nothing new this month as it is a book sale month. There is a new volunteer who wants to train to sort books though!!!

Then there are the mushier goals.

6. Love and be loved.

* Friends: Book club, visit to friend after her surgery, two coffees and a lunch out with a friend
* Family: Good phone chats with both sons and daughter-in-laws. Letter to my aunt and cards to Hubby's aunts for Mother's Day. We missed our Moms just a little less that way.
* Booked our next trip to CA to see family in July - yeah!

7. Have fun - and I'm adding, have adventures.

* Lovely dinners out with Hubby.
* Interesting sessions of Art in Havana class. I like my classmates too.

So, what's on deck for June?

- Lots of yard work
- Regular phone calls to family and getting out with friends
- Pilates sessions weekly
- Walks with and without dog

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