Tuesday, June 2, 2015

9 checked off on Monday

The asters are blooming.

I'm back to feeling like normal thank goodness.

Picked up 8 books at the library (repeating to self: I will not buy more books!!!!)

Talked to a friend who has been ill but is now well enough to go out to lunch on Friday

Laundry - clothes plus towels and dog blanket done

Walked dog twice & saw a friend & her 2 dogs on one walk - the dog and I both got short visits

Did my month end financial round up

Successful at no snacking (except fruit) between meals & only having coffee at home

Since Hubby did the grocery shopping, did a pantry/frig/freezer inventory and started figuring out dinners

Did some light stretching before bed

Tackled the hardest file of paper needing to be shredded - legal documents for my deceased parents. I really made a point of not looking at them except to keep the few for the one checking account that is still open. My brother is the executor and I verified that he will keep all the documents for the IRS requirements.


I am on a mission to listen to all of our CDs at the rate of one a day and make keep/donate decisions. Today was "Feels Like Home" by Norah Jones and it had me nodding off so an easy decision. DONATE. I hope after we move we can get set up to access music a different way as I enjoyed listening to playlists at my son's house.

In the keep pile from the last few days are another Norah Jones and 4 others (pictures from Amazon).


  1. I decided to copy all my CDs to my laptop (the one that still had a disc drive). Then I used Google Play Music (the free one) to upload all to the cloud (it happens in the background) to listen in the car (via Bluetooth), on walks (cell phone) or at work on my desktop when I need a pickup. As you have a chance to rate songs with a thumbs up, it will create playlists for you. It's really been fun. I am also adding music from YouTube (mostly Disney).
    Of course once I tried the free trial of the pay version ($10 per month) I loved it. It pretty has access to Everything (just take a look) which you can also download. The thing I like are the "I'm feeling lucky" where it tries to find music based on what you've rated so far. I like a lot of different genres and I love being surprised how it mixes the songs plus adds in some I didn't think of or know about.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to consult with my son and mention these to see what he suggests for now. I do love music and crave variety so this is probably the best solution.

  2. I'm impressed by your self-discipline. Avoiding snacks between meals must be hard. But listening to all those CDs ... even harder!

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  4. Let me rephrase that last comment - If you knew you could keep 10 CDs from your collection - which would you choose?

    1. Hmmm, I haven't played most of them over the past couple of years as I kept listening to the same 5 or 6 occasionally. That is why I am listening to one a day. I miss music and want to get more of it in my life again. Up tomorrow is "Tales of the City" by a saxophone quartet. Our younger son is a trained musician and once he moved out the music in our house dwindled. We need it back.


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