Friday, October 3, 2014

How about a GAP year for new retirees?

We have started letting the idea of taking a "Gap" year immediately after Hubby retires float around in our thoughts and conversations. I'm thinking of a gap year like some students take after high school/before college.

Prior to this we were focused on making long term decisions along with selling our house, moving across country, making all of the retirement financial decisions, etc. I thought why not let our selves off the hook, find a lovely place to live and rent affordably that is generally in the right part of the country and use the year to travel, explore where we might really want to live and put down roots at this time of our life and adjust to Hubby not working full time?

I'd love to find a resort type community and enjoy that lifestyle for a while. We may need to be within easy driving distance of my FIL as well as able to see other family easily. This may not become our plan.

However this idea has shifted our very preliminary discussions. We are ruling out some ideas and brainstorming others. Retirement for Hubby won't happen before May 17, 2017 and may wait until the end of 2017 but dreaming is good!

What ideas do you have for us to contemplate? We will need to be near Pasadena or Berkeley, CA and possibly restricted to S. CA for helping my FIL. We love water, art, theatre, nature hikes, a community that welcomes newcomers and much more.


  1. I like the idea of a gap year. We plan to move somewhere less expensive in retirement and a year to take our time and have some fun will be very helpful.

    1. My thought exactly! We are planning to move somewhere more expensive unfortunately but it will be nearer to our kids.