Wednesday, October 1, 2014

65 + 1/12th and working on my health

Having made it exactly one month past 65 and into my year of PUSH goals I thought I'd give an update.

Remember these goals for the year?
  • Push myself physically - I want strength building, stretching and aerobic activity to become  habits as necessary as brushing my teeth; also to get my weight down 10 pounds as a health benefit issue.
  • Push myself mentally - I love to learn and problem solve and don't thrive without it.
  • Push to engage deeply in a hobby/activity - I find purposeful activity makes life more meaningful and developing hobbies and other activities and then diving deeply into them provides that meaning.
  • Push to be more outgoing - I tend to be reticent so making sure I socialize more and connect more deeply with friends and family is important and the benefits speak for themselves.
I've been working on my physical activity level by walking a lot more and doing lots of yard work. I bought some new walking shoes as my old ones made my feet hurt. To move forward in a more planned way I rejoined the gym and start this morning. I also had a deep tissue massage and decided to commit to one every 6 to 8 weeks as needed. I'm starting to look for an alternate place to get a flu shot covered by my insurance since my usual provider doesn't have the vaccine yet. I'll check at the pharmacy at the grocery store later today but I won't pay for what I am supposed to be able to get for free - I'll wait longer if I have to. I also signed up for an archery orientation.

I guess that goes under developing an engaging hobby/activity. For years I have pursued art and although I am going to keep at it at some level I have to admit my talents are modest. My MIL was a fabulous artist as you can see by the unfinished painting below. I had it shipped home when we were in CA for my birthday as no one in the family wanted it when my FIL moved into assisted living. I love the painting but I also love that she just hung it up unfinished as she liked it a lot and her eyesight didn't let her finish it!


I've been trying to read some more intellectually challenging books along with my light mystery fare and am enjoying Saving Italy by Robert M. Edsel at the moment. I read The Monuments Men by the same author and found the story and history very engaging. I want to see the movie after I finish this book. WWII seems to be the theme as I also have Good Evening, Mrs. Craven by Mollie Panter-Downes waiting in the wings. I'd like to visit London again and go to the War Museum among other things we didn't see when we were there. Hmmm - perhaps a plan is forming here.
Nothing planned in the social category at the moment. Need to work on that!


  1. All good things ... esp. the deep tissue massage!

  2. Hope you enjoy the gym and the archery! I would like to read The Monuments Men.