Monday, September 29, 2014

Proud Mom, serendipitous thrift store shop, archery in my future and slow week ahead

I have to start with my proud Mom item! We lent a significant sum of money to a son and DIL to help with the down payment for a house and they sent us the first repayment check only 6 months after buying. They had to do the usual additional investments in fixing things in the house and we didn't expect to get a loan repayment for some time. Yeah for them.

In the middle of last week I stopped by my favorite thrift store that supports animal rescue groups. I was looking for a belt, but you have to be open minded when shopping thrift stores so I had other things on my mental list. No belt but I found a fleece pullover, zip windbreaker, yoga pants, shoes and a bracelet. It was 50% off Get a New Wardrobe day (which I didn't know so that is the serendipitous part) so I only spent $11.77. The dog is not thrifty, but is good at photo bombing!


Then I shopped for new running shoes for now and waterproof walking shoes for winter. Let's just say I have feet that are tricky and hurt easily so that was money well spent and since I found them at REI I will get my 10% dividend refund early next year. I walked the dog this morning in the running shoes and my feet were happy so money well spent.

Its been grey here so I bought some flowers at Trader Joe's and made the bouquet larger with some Camilla branches from the yard. Cheered the house for almost a week.

We went out to eat twice. After walking over to a street fair and listening to an excellent male acapella group, we decided to have a drink at a restaurant we hadn't been to and that turned into Cuban sandwiches for lunch too. Then we took advantage of a restaurant week special in a nearby neighborhood to go out for drinks and tapas at a restaurant I hadn't been to but DH had visited with a friend. A lovely evening out on a weekday.

I'm thinking that we will start trying new recipes for Sunday night dinner to get out of our cooking rut and find some meals that we could prepare for guests. We are out of the habit of entertaining and would like to get back into it rather than only going out by ourselves.

In my efforts to push myself to do more in many ways I have signed up for an archery lesson orientation for this coming Saturday. I have enjoyed archery whenever I tried it so this is a candidate for a new hobby. They have lessons available on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons once you complete the orientation and provide the equipment so I'm going to give it a try.

Nothing much else planned this week otherwise. I am going to consider rejoining the gym as working out at home isn't working out. Otherwise it is catch up on house work, more yard work, more library volunteering, seeing if a friend wants to go to a photography exhibit and then have coffee. Deal with my to do list that doesn't inspire me. Take dog to the vet for her monthly shot for her Addison's disease. That archery orientation. Find a place to get a free flu shot as my Dr. doesn't have the vaccine yet. A Craftsy class I bought and haven't taken yet. Look for that belt I need. Seems like the week will fill up!

Have a wonderful week and share your plans please.


  1. Just f.y.i. -- a cappella is spelled with two pees. How do I know that? My son was in an a cappella group in high school. When he sent in his (early admission) application to college he cited the extra curricular activity, but spelled it wrong, as a capella. I thought it would be curtains for him and that school. But either they didn't notice, or didn't care. He got in. (And $200,000 of my money later, he got his degree! Which is why now, as a retired person, I know all about thrift stores!)