Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Theme for my 65th year is PUSH

Can you describe your goals, everyday focus and dreams in one word or a phrase? How do you come up with that?

I've read about doing this as a substitute for New Year's resolutions and decided to try it for my 65th year. I've always seen my birthday as the start of a new year for me and it probably goes back to how we went back to school soon after my birthday. Now schools start much earlier at least where I live, but for me September 1st is not only my birthday but also when I think about what I want to focus on in my life.

I thought about several words that sum up what I want for myself during this year of life - active, amazing, beyond expectations, dynamic, thrive and so on. However I think the word PUSH will be my theme.

It is clear from my thoughts about what I want and need to:
  • Push myself physically - I want strength building, stretching and aerobic activity to become  habits as necessary as brushing my teeth; also to get my weight down 10 pounds as a health benefit issue
  • Push myself mentally - I love to learn and problem solve and don't thrive without it
  • Push to engage deeply in a hobby/activity - I find purposeful activity makes life more meaningful and developing hobbies and other activities and then diving deeply into them provides that meaning
  • Push to be more outgoing - I tend to be reticent so making sure I socialize more and connect more deeply with friends and family is important and the benefits speak for themselves
So I had better get started!

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