Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I'm such a lucky girt!

I was talking to someone this morning who is heading off soon on vacation and you would think they were being taken to a dreadful event or place. Anticipatory negativity - not worth the effort. Why think like that when you can be grateful and look for the good in what has happened, what you have and what is ahead?

So I am going to go through my 65th year with the "I'm such a lucky girl!" attitude. Right now I am thinking I am lucky to -
 Have had these two as parents! My cousin gave me this photo of my parents probably taken before my brother was born as he is not in the photo. Mom was pregnant with one of us LOL. They wanted a family very badly and were glad to have us and did their best to be good parents.
And here we are in 1952 with our Mom

 And probably the late 1960s with my Dad and Grandpa in the corner there.

And I'm such a lucky girl to have family and friends who not only gave me a birthday party or came and to celebrate with me.


  1. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! :) I do so love how people dressed "back in the day"! Always so classy!!

  2. I love those old photos! And btw, a [belated] happy b'day!

  3. what's a lucky 'girt'? check the spelling in your title.

    you're welcome.

    BTW, happy birthday, girl!