Sunday, September 21, 2014

A surprise party, a board meeting, lots of walks, yardwork and a son has successful surgery - The week that was

Another good week in my 65th year.

Let's get the son's surgery off the table first thing. Years ago he had knee surgery that was extensive and fully recovered all use of the knee with no pain. The meniscus tore again though and through the wonders of arthroscopic surgery his knee is fixed again and he feels good even though it is swollen from surgery. His wife is taking very good care of him this time! All good news for this Mom.

Four opportunities to socialize this week made me a happier woman. Three were library volunteer work related: 2 donation sorting mornings and a Friends of the Library board meeting where we were able to not only agree to pay for all remaining adult, senior and youth programs for this year but also give $7,500 to buy additions to the collection. We have the best volunteers who help run our used book sales three times a year and donate money as well.

The fourth social event was last night; a surprise 60th birthday party for a friend. She was in fact surprised and it was a lovely party and evening.

I've been taking longer walks with and without the dog as planned and also spent yesterday morning doing yard work by pruning almost every bush in the front yard. This morning is the back yard and yard work will continue to dominate the week. The weather has cooled, no rain and the leaves aren't falling thick and fast yet so it is the perfect time to whip the yard into shape and get some exercise as well.

I am hoping that we will spend this afternoon walking over to a nearby small business area for an Open Streets event with performers and food. This is becoming popular here and involves closing a section of street to traffic and encouraging pedestrians. I looked at the performance schedule and there are going to be acoustic drummers, a cappella singers, and lots more to see.

Hope you had a good week and have something fun happening this weekend.


  1. Your activities are just like mine, Juhli - trimming back all the bushes, volunteer work and a street fair!

    1. I do think we are related somehow LOL!

  2. God bless all people who volunteer at their library!